12 Week Healing Intensive

12 Weeks is the optimal amount of time to dive fully into your healing, tackle limiting beliefs as they come up, and begin lasting lifestyle changes. By the end of 12 weeks, you will have identified the core beliefs blocking you from your healthiest mind and body, and will have practiced the tools needed to clear those beliefs and any that arise in the future. You will have already begun forming lifelong habits of health and healing, and you will learn to love yourself at every stage. If you are done feeling tired and overwhelmed with daily life, and you’re serious about learning and implementing the tools needed to unlock your healthiest self, the 12 Week Wellness Coaching Package was created for you.

During this 12 week intensive, we will work together to conduct an in-depth evaluation of current physical and emotional well-being in order to identify focus areas. I will then create a custom and complete transformational plan for long-lasting impact, so you will end your intensive having already implemented tools that will continue well past the 12 weeks. We will meet weekly for emotional release and teaching, and you will also have access to your coach through Voxer Voice Messaging when unexpected support is needed as you begin these essential shifts.

After booking your 12 Week Wellness Package, you will have a support system to grow, learn, and celebrate your victories with! Schedule your initial call below!

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More Client Success Stories
Crista Quintos Testimonial

“Laura is my go-to person for all matters of health, both mental and physical. I remember waking up in an off mood one day and thinking of giving her a call. During the call we were able to talk about everything that was going on around me that may be causing me stress. She suggested we do EFT and I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but really let myself get into it and accept it and felt so much more relaxed after our session. The techniques she taught me carried on throughout my week after that. From the tapping to the rapid eye movements! Every time I felt stressed I took a few minutes out of my day to calm myself down and work on refocusing and re-centering myself.”



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