5 Affirmations To Help With Body Confidence

You can shift a lifetime of negative self-talk to a new way of thinking.

January 30, 2021

So many people are plagued with negative thoughts.

Negative thought loops run in the back of the mind without even realizing it!  The brain thinks thoughts are REAL.  The brain offers all kinds of thoughts all day long!  The key is choosing the ones that serve you… that make you feel better, hopeful, and give you a desire to take care of yourself in the best way possible!  

The trouble is, the brain likes to focus on what’s wrong, and not what makes you feel better.  

Thought downloads are a great tool to help you to be the observer of your thoughts.  Take a notebook and jot down 4 to 5 thoughts you think about your body.  What comes to mind?  

Here’s some thoughts that I’ve had:  

I’m not skinny enough. I don’t look good in a swimsuit. I have cellulite. My skin has wrinkles. I have age spots. I don’t like how my clothes look on my body.  I like to eat more than I like to diet. I feel gross, I shouldn’t be like this. I should eat less. Why do others get to eat anything they want without gaining an ounce?  It’s not fair!  

Do any of these thoughts resonate with you?  

It’s time to feel better about yourself and your body!  Your body is amazing and continues to function everyday.  Here’s a few affirmations I use:  

I love my body just the way it is!
I am strong and healthy.
I feed my body nutritious foods.
I love to move my body because it makes me feel alive.
I observe my thoughts about my body, and give myself compassion and grace.  

Take a deep breath, and release the old non-serving beliefs.  Take another deep breath and allow all that is good, loving and kind to enter your heart and mind.  

There is so much peace that can be found in this work.  Thank you for taking this journey with me!  And always remember, you are amazing just the way you are.  

Sending light, love, and blessings to you!


P.S.  If you struggle with negative thought loops that you cannot get out of… what are you waiting for?  Sign up for a free mini session and find out what’s possible for you to believe about yourself in 2021!