Clear the Clutter

We fill up our lives…

March 12, 2021

We clutter our calendars with over scheduling.

We fill our closets, cabinets, drawers. We fill our garages and storage units. We have a long list of to-do’s and our inbox is full. 

Our heads are filled with worry and voices telling us we are not enough.  Our inner critic chatters in the background. We hold on to grudges, judgement, and fear.  We clutter our minds with anger and resentment for unmet expectations.

We carry buckets of emotional, mental, and spiritual clutter around everyday.

All of this ends up in a big pile of overwhelm.  

Overwhelm overtakes our brain and we spin our wheels, feel stuck and paralyzed.  

How do we solve the problem?  It’s easy… and not easy at the same time.  

We have to get unstuck.

We get unstuck by looking in the buckets and facing postponed decisions.  In the emotional bucket, we see negative thought loops and patterns of behavior that keep occurring over and over again.  The same fight with your spouse, the same cravings and overeating, the same excuses that keep you from exercising; all these loops are on autopilot. 

By facing the recurring patterns, and recognizing postponed decisions we can then begin taking action.  

Resolution begins when we identify ourselves as someone who makes decisions and takes action.  When we begin taking action we start building a new identity.

Here’s a powerful I AM statement:

I am a person who makes decisions and takes action!

Write this down, post it on your mirror or create a reminder with this affirmation on your phone.  Refer to it frequently and you will feel a shift in your energy and drive!  

It’s time to create a new identity!  You are a person who looks in the buckets and sees what needs to be done to interrupt the ineffective patterns in your life.  

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  Allow yourself a moment to pause and soak up this affirmation. 

I am a person who makes decisions and takes action!  

Love and Blessings to you!

Laura Jeffers


Mindset coaching and emotional release can create rapid change. If you haven’t experienced it before, it’s time! You will be blown away by how quickly and easily you can clear out emotional, mental, and spiritual clutter.  Set up a free mini session and let’s talk.