Can You Stand Naked In Front Of A Mirror?

What happens when you do?  Or do you?  Do you avoid the mirror all together?

December 6, 2020

What does this state of self awareness bring?

For me, in the past, that was a horrible thing!  I hated my body.  When I stood in front of the mirror I would see all of my imperfections… Saggy skin, flabby belly, saddlebags, cellulite, moles, discoloration, hair in the wrong places, ugly, ugly, ugly!  I didn’t look like a supermodel.  Not even close!  I wouldn’t dream of putting on a bikini!  Never, never, never!

Our mind is trained to see all of our imperfections!

Every last one of them… with no allowance for what is beautiful!  

Years ago, my ex-husband had an affair and left.  It devastated me… for years!  I thought that something was wrong with me – something was wrong with my body!

I remember thinking, ‘This has got to CHANGE!’ 

‘I can’t go on like this.’

In time, I began to heal.  In time, I began to release my old beliefs about my life and my body and started creating something new.  I worked with some amazing healers and coaches that helped me along the path.


The path to healing brings amazing blessings and light into your life! 

It’s time to learn to let go, and feel the freedom of a last goodbye! Say goodbye to all the negative body thoughts and self-talk that holds you back!

This process is incredibly liberating!

Right now, I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and release everything that has come up for you as you have read these words. Release it, let it go. Take several more deep breaths. Feel the negative energy flowing out of your body.

Feel yourself expand, and open up to new possibilities…

The possibility that you are perfect just the way you are! That your body is amazing in so many ways!

Allow all these new thoughts to enter in and take residence inside.

Imagine a brilliant white light coming down from above to infuse your entire body! From the light you will feel a divine warmth, comfort and confirmation that you are perfect just the way you are, at this moment.

Stay with the light… feel it… breath with it… allow it to stay.

Thank you my friend for taking the time to take care of you!

Beautiful things will come into your life as you shift your focus and begin to heal.

Love and Blessings!

Laura Jeffers

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