Do you struggle with feeling confident?

What is one thing you would like to feel more confident about?

January 13, 2021

Starting something new – like a career – side hustle?

Your body?
Your relationship with your spouse?
Taking care of your finances?
Taking care of your aging parents?
Church calling or responsibilities? 

Thoughts are the foundation of your confidence! 

On social media, I asked people, “where does confidence come from?”

Here are the answers they came up with…
Positive self talk
A solid prayer life
Knowing yourself
Knowledge and love of self
Stepping out of your comfort zone
Knowing what you do well
From within by the grace of God
Self talk (be your own best friend)
Love yourself
Inherited personality traits, born with it
Childhood experiences
Learning to deal with internal fears
Accept failures as learning opportunities
Know who you are and where you are going
Have a purpose, mission larger than yourself
Parenting and family support
Experience with success
Scriptures and thinking virtuous thoughts

Our inner dialogue is at the heart of it all!  

The thoughts you CHOOSE determines your level of confidence! 

Have you ever done a thought download, and looked at the thoughts you think?

Here’s an example of a thought download:  

“I’m not skinny enough. I don’t look good in a swimsuit. I have cellulite. My skin has wrinkles. I have age spots. I don’t like how my clothes look on my body. I am gaining weight and I don’t have the energy and drive to do anything about it.  I like to eat more than I like to diet. I feel gross, I shouldn’t be like this.  I should exercise more. I should eat less. Why don’t others struggle with maintaining their weight?  Why do they get to eat anything they want without gaining an ounce?”  It’s not fair!  It’s not right!  

Can you find any room for body confidence in the thoughts listed above?  

These thoughts will never lead you down the path of self love and confidence!

What else is possible for you to think?

Take some time to journal and see what you come up with!  

There is so much peace that can be found in this work.  Always remember, you are amazing just the way you are.  

Sending light, love, and blessings to you!


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