Mini Written Personal Session

$50.00 $20.00

Relationships can be a struggle and affect your overall happiness. Many people are living life feeling unappreciated, ignored or in constant conflict within their most important relationship. Whatever your relationship friction is, you can get past your biggest struggle when you have the right coaching and emotional release support.

You can have the relationship you want!

I know you don’t always have time to get on the phone to do a session and that’s why I’m offering you a BRAND NEW coaching option that is super convenient AND transformative!

Mini personalized written sessions!



How it works:
1 – Fill out the relationship questionnaire after you purchase. The link will be provided on your order confirmation page and email.
*Personalized releasing work is done remotely 
2 – False beliefs, negative relationship programming and any trauma is released and replaced with new positive programming.
3 – You’ll receive an email with notes, affirmations and simple action steps
4 – Feel the energy of your relationship begin to shift and change into what you want!


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